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Giuliani Partners Rudolph W. Giuliani Philosophy

Being prepared requires constant vigilance and foresight. Preparedness applies not only to the effective execution of operations, but also to the assurance that operations continue smoothly through any type of event. Organizations face an ever-changing series of threats to their future. That is why it is essential to identify existing threats quickly and review the processes and procedures in place to combat those threats. Careful preparation for every event that can be anticipated enhances preparation for the unanticipated.

The public and private sectors face a multitude of risks and challenges stemming from terrorism, crime, natural disasters, market performance, and countless other factors that threaten an organization’s ability to survive. Governments are already taking steps to protect civilians and businesses from the effects of a variety of threats. The private sector can do more to prepare to secure its personnel, assets, and future. Relentless preparation develops a culture of responsibility and awareness.



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